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Minutes 4/27: Lawanda the Lobster

April 30, 2011

It’s Short Term, so there’s no excuse for the minutes being late except for the fact that…it’s Short Term…!?

-Rob had an announcement.  IT WASN’T ABOUT POWERSHIFT!  The people rejoiced.  Instead, it was about CLAMBAKE!  Or crambake, as I like to call it, because I’m really, really funny.  ANYWAYZ, it’s next Sunday, May 8, at Popham Beach.  Watch for an email from Rob about tabling/volunteering.  If you table and/or volunteer, you get free lobster (or burgers if you’re a seafood-fearing weenie).  We’re gonna start tabling monday.
-We talked about Friends of the BOC, which is something we’re going to create to facilitate networking and forge connections (sweet vocab, Hallie!!) between BOC alums and current students and ll that fun stuff.  Look for more emails about that later.

-The climbing wall in Merrill is almost finished!  Hurrah!  We will have an inauguration (that was in no way how I thought that word was spelled) of the wall pretty soon.  Rob asked permission to form a committee to inaugurate (UGH THAT WORD GOT ME AGAIN) the wall, and Ben the Almighty and Powerful granted it.
-We also are forming a committee for CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM.  I think someone should check the constitution to see if committee-forming is a real thing.  And if it’s not, let’s all PUNCH BEN IN THE FACE!  Just kidding, that would be really mean, violent, and unnecessary.  DON’T EVER DO THAT.  Give him a hug instead.  Always.  Hugs, not drugs.  HUGS, NOT VIOLENCE!  (THAT’S ENOUGH, HALLIE!)
-WFA is going to be on the 21st and 22nd of May, and it will either be $147 or $152, depending on how many people sign up.  Email Mike,, if you’re interested.

-Andrew Skurka is going to cost $1750, but we abstained from voting till next week.  Apparently he qualifies as gear.  duH?
-I bought new tires for the trailer.  IT WAS A NECESSITY.  Don’t ask questions.  Or do, because I’d actually love to talk about it (I mostly like to talk about it, whatever “it” is).
-Tanner wants to buy a power kite (is that like a power animal?  Or a spirit animal?  Does anybody know what my spirit animal would be?  I’ve been having trouble figuring it out.  Please reply to this email with any suggestions).  That would be a training kite for kiteboarding.  A training kite is smaller than a full-sized kiteboarding kite; Tanner said that if we were to get a full 10m kite, “one of us would die.”  Thank Gosh this kite is so much smaller (if it’s 1/3 of the size, does that mean that someone will get a significant bodily injury, because that’s about 1/3 of death?  Or something?  That’s why I abstained from voting.  1/3 of death is a little scary and confusing.)  It passed.
-Tanner is also donating 6 pairs of snowblades.  COOL!
-MBW proposed (through Ursula) that 2 people get chainsaw certified for $70 (a-level certification).

-Rob may have gone to North COnway yesterday, but also might be going tomorrow.  THIS IS WHY I SHOULDN’T SEND THE MINUTES OUT SO LATE.  GAH.
-I was planning on going paddling in Bangor tomorrow, but now I kind of want to go Monday.  Email me back if you’re interested in either.
-HMMmmm Ellie is going skiing at Sugarloaf today.  Just keepin ya posted.
-Ellie is also getting her pilot’s license over short term.  (ELLIE IS SO COOL).  Talk to her if you’re interested in doing the same.  She’s getting her license is because she wants to go sea plane camping like she did with her family when she was a young lass (I REPEAT, ELLIE IS SO COOL.   Why didn’t my family do cool stuff like this?  I would be so much cooler if we had.  THANKS MOM AND DAD.).
-Mandorf is going to Tucks on Sunday
-Sam is doing a teaching surf trip once a week during short term, email him or watch for an email from him if you’re interested,
-Skydiving is happening May 14th, sign up by May 1st if you wanna go!  Email Will, (that’s not very much of your last name at all, Will!  You should get a short and sweet last name like me and then you can have all of it in your email.  Everyone should be more like me!) if you’re interested.  You have to put down a deposit of $75 and then it’s $114 the day you do it.  Mackie and I might go to cheer people on.  If others are, like us, too poor/too cheap to skydive but still wanna be involved (I always wanna be involved.  SHOOT, I’m revealing so many of my neuroses today!), you should join us.
-Mackie is going hiking on Sunday.  Her car is full but if you wanna go and can drive, send her an email.
-Mike Sagan is/was climbing at Shag.  When?  I don’t know.  GOOD JOB ME.  Hmm

-I told the tale of the epic adventures that occurred on the canoe trip over April break.  It’s long and full of woe and excitement; some highlights are a wrapped boat (looks like this: .  But here are some other fun things I found when I googled “wrapped canoe:” and (that guy scares me)). It also snowed on us, we went skiing in the rain, the trailer tire also exploded, and my dad’s truck broke down in South Paris (great town), and we all had A GREAT TIME.  RIGHT????!!! Right.
-Rob told a story about how one time, at POWERSHIFT (DUHHHHHHHH), a kid stepped on his head when Rob was sleeping and then that same kid peed in the church basement where everyone was sleeping and talked about his neuro exam.  (I think he might have been drunk…shhhhh!  Not Rob, the kid.  DUH).

OKAY THAT’S IT.  I gotta go return the library books I never returned after I finished my thesis; Bates wants to charge me around $438 or something; if I can’t go skydiving I DEFINITELY can’t pay those fines.

Coooool, happy weekend, happy short term, happy Saturday, happy spring, HAPPY EVERYTHING!


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