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minutes 5/4 AND 5/11: a pack raft

May 17, 2011
So I am the WORST! and have not written minutes for the past two meetings.   YET.  Here are the combined minutes from both meetings.  YEAH DAS RIGHT, SHORT TERM!
-CLAMBAKE!  was awesome.  Way to go, team.
-The new rock wall sure is nice!  Tonight at 8pm is its inauguration.
-Two weeks ago was my half birthday
-2-3 students are needed to help out during reunion (I think this is still true).  Email Judy if you’re interested
-Peaks week!  This week!  Climb some mountaaains!  Do it!  AWW YEAH MOUNTAINS.  Mount David doesn’t count.  Nope.  Try to climb one over 4000 feet.  How many vertical feet can we climb?  That’s the question.  I’m taking bets.
-Puddle regatta is this Wednesday!  I’m judging!  And so is guest judge KELLEN MACFADYEN, who has returned victorious!
-Tonight we’re having an eroom party!  I am using so many exclamation points!  Cool!!!!
-Give Ursula your receiptz!  Do it!
-Someone stole Alanna’s longboard.  This is not cool.  Give it back.  Do it.  It has a lady on the back with long hairz.

-We passed some gear:  holds on the climbing wall and a small mat
-We proposed some gear:  a raft for $500 and $200 for e-room stickers (proposed, of course, by Stickers himself, via Rob, via Mike).

Well, I shi*t the bed on this one…

-people did some really fun, funny things.  It was great!

okay I’m done!  See ya at the meeting on Wednesday!  Or tonight in ze e-room!  Or ya know, around.  Sorry these minutes are short, late, and un-funny.  I blame short term.  And Alice in Wonderland.


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